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Asphalt is one of the most sustainable construction materials available due to its durability and the fact that is it 100% recyclable. Worn-out surfaces can be reused back into new asphalt, which can also contain other recycled content as well as secondary materials.

Popular Types

ERA Warm mix asphalt
The use of warm mix asphalts cut CO2 emissions by 15% and can be used to produce a number of different products with recycled or secondary content, as well as those that offer increased durability.

Biogenic materials that absorb and lock in CO2 throughout its life, even when it is recycled, are also produced in an ERA Warm mix process, which allows the asphalt to be manufactured at a lower temperature. As a result, the product provides at least a 25% reduction in carbon emissions compared to standard hot mixes.
The low void, high bitumen content, coupled with the lower production temperatures, also creates a very durable material. It can be laid as a single-layer product, which increases efficiency and reduces disruption to road users.

Hot mix asphalt
Of all types available, the hot mix is the most commonly used for roads and pavements, this is because it is made on a flexible mix of fine and coarse aggregates and asphalt binder, which creates a highly weather-resistant pavement.
Hot mix is heated and then poured at temperatures of around 148-176 degrees Celsius. And while it is easy to work with when hot, it cools very quickly and therefore will need a high level of expertise when applying.

MC Cold Mix
This type of asphalt is often used while cold, this mix is only suitable for temporary patching of areas with light or minimal traffic since it is not nearly as strong as hot mix asphalt. It’s useful for temporary repairs of small areas when the outside temperature is not suitable for a hot mix.
When a more permanent fix becomes available, cold mix can be removed, stockpiled and used again at a later date.

Dense-graded Mixes
A dense-graded mix is the ultimate choice for hot asphalt mixes. It is a well-graded mix that is widely used for multiple pavement layers and traffic conditions. Its excellent performance in structural, friction, levelling, and patching purposes is undeniable. This type of mix can be categorized as fine-graded or coarse-graded, and when applied correctly, it is highly impermeable, resulting in maximum durability and protection against cracks and potholes.

Porous asphalt is a pavement that permits water to seep through the surface and into a stone recharge bed below, eventually infiltrating into the soil. It is commonly used for driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, and pavements. Porous asphalt is highly functional in enhancing safety, managing flooding, and preventing puddles. It also contributes to environmental conservation by lessening the burden on sewer systems. If installed correctly, porous asphalt can last for over twenty years.